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Trevor's sauce pit of awesomeness

Page history last edited by Trevor 14 years, 1 month ago


  For my first book I read Anthem by Ayn Rand. This book amazed me in so many different ways. The character in this book is called Equality 7-2521, they have numbers for their name because everyone is a brother and to be different or an individual is to be an outcast and frowned upon. He then commits a sin and that is to read and write but also to fall in love with a beautiful woman. They are never taught the word "I"they only think of them selves as a group of people and never individual. Equality 7-2521 soon finds the meaning and life and starts to see the word in a different point of view and that is as an individual not a group.   



 " My hands . . . My spirit . . . My sky . . . My forest . . . This earth is mine. . . . what must i say besides? These are the words. This is the answer. 

I stand here on the summit of the mountain. I lift my head and I spread my arms. This, my body and spirit, this is the end of the quest." pg 94

     Everytime that I look at this photograph I think of when Equality leaves the society that he is in and starts a new one. He changes and starts to live by no rules and is a free man. This picture reminds me of when he finds the house up on a mountain with a great view and he says that he is going to start a new nation, a nation that can learn, love, and laugh with any rules.  

     I really liked this book.  I thought it was great because it showed individuality all through it.  He changed so he could be different from the rest, because he was different than everyone else.  It made me think that we are all different in several ways.  Like the way someone looks at a flower.  One might see color and love.  The other might see death and hatred.  It proves that everyone is different and has their own ways, just like Equality.  


     For my next book I read Rule of the Bone by Russel Banks.This was by far the weirdest and coolest book that I have ever read. It forgets all the writing of English rules. It does not follow the writing rules of English and that makes the book more interesting. This book is about a drop out kid who had a terrible childhood and sell small load marijuana at the local mall. He leaves his parents house to go live with his friend Russ above a movie rental shop. Russ and Chappie live with a hard core bike gang who they sell weed to, to make money. After about a year of living with Russ the house gets burned down, Russ and Chappie are now on the run from the police and the world. Russ now finds his place in the world and leaves Chappie all by himself. He then changes his name to Bone and starts to live another life. Bone's adventures take him to different places and explores new worlds, people, and cultures. With all these adventures comes many life lessons that Bone learns about.The book is a little R rated and there is a lot of foul language but if you can get passed that you will find out the lessons that Chappie learns in this book.  

     "All the rest of the night I passed my gaze from one consellation to the other and watching them float slowly across the sky until finally along toward dawn it began to get a little pink out on the ocean in the east and the stars started sliding into the darkness behind the mountains. First Adirondack Iron passed into the dark, and then Sister Rose, and finally Lion-I. They were gone and I missed them but even so I was very happy. For the rest of my life no matter where on the planet earth I went and no matter how scared or confused I got, I could wait until dark and look up into the night sky and see my three friends again and my heart would swell with love of them and make me strong and clearheaded. And if I didn't know what to do next I could ask I-Man to instruct me, and across the huge cold silence of the universe I'd hear him say, Up to you, Bone and that's all I need." Pg. 389-390

     In this quotation Bone is talking about groups of stars that he saw that reminded him of his three friends that had all died in the book. They all helped to change Bone in different ways and see life through different lifestyles.    

     "The new rule was basically don't bother your parents and don't bother the cops or one of them will sic the other one you." Pg. 49

Bone is talking about how to stay out of trouble and not get caught for sell marijuana. He lives by this rule for most of the book.   

     ", I saw clearly for the first time that loving Sister Rose and I-Man and even Bruce had left me with riches that I could draw on for the rest of my life, and i was totally grateful to them." Pg 384

     In this part on the book Bone is looking back on all the lessons that he learned for these people and realizes what good they have done for him 

     "That's what your name oughta be, he says. Bone. On account of your tattoo. Forget Zombie, man, it sounds like you're into voodoo or some weird occult sh*t like that. Bone is hard, man. Hard. It's f*cking universal, man." Pg. 107

     In this part Russ and Bone are getting tattoos and this is the scene where he changes his name from Chappie to Bone.

     "I put the gun on the windowsill and cupped my hands over my mouth and like I was a lone wolf howling at the moon I hollered as loud as I could, The Bone!

     The Bone!

     The Bone rules!

     The Bo-own-n-n rooo-oo-oool-l-ls" Pg 133

In this part Bone leaves Russ and travels on his own for a while to explore and world and everything around him. 

Jah-shortened name for God and is mostly used for Rastafarian movement. 

This is what most of the book is about. Getting high and thinking about life. All Bone thinks about somtimes is getting high and what to do next.   

     I found that this book was very different because the way that it is written, its seen through the way the person thinks. It is as if you are looking through Bones eyes and his only. It is a very easy read but there is a lot of foul language and sex terms that some people mite not find so pleasing. I do recommend this book because it shows what kids are really thinking sometimes. It shows what every teen is thinking sometimes and that includes drugs and sex. I really liked this book and am thinking about reading another book from the author because I love all the characters that he creates and how he portrays them. This book is a little long but it is really interesting so the pages fly by. 


     For my next book I read The Roadby Cormac McCarthy which was the greastest book that I ever read. This book jsut totally kept me on edge the whole time. It pulls you in and you can never stop reading it. I read it the first for the project and then i read it agian cause I liked it so much. The book is about  a boy and his father driven by love to escape the evils of the world. they baattle through all odds with their love for each other. They travel south in hopes of it getting warmer. For many people this book was depressing cause of all the things that happened and it is but it is also a book that we could all learn from. The love and Hope in this book is so great. They stop at nothing and even when the worest things happen to them they still keep going no matter what because their love for each other is so strong.I loved this book and think that it should be a required class novel and taht everyone needs to read this book some time in their life.


"How long can we stay here Papa?

Not long.

How long is that?

I dont know. Maybe one more day. Two.

Because it's dangerous.


Do you think they'll find us?

No. They wont find us.

They might find us.

No they wont. They wont find us" pg 148


"Jesus, he whispered

Then one by one they turned and blinked in th pitiful light. Help us, they whispered. Please help us.

Christ, he said. Oh Christ." Pg 110


"what would you do if I died?

If you died I would want to die too.

So you coul be with me? 

Yes. So I could be with you.

Okay." pg 11 


I really enjoyed this book and thought that the way that it was written just always kept you guessing. You were never going to know what was going to happen next or who was going to die or whatever. i am really glad that i read this book and i strong;y recommend this book to anyone who likes book in general.  



For the next book, I read Warrior's Soul by Chuck Pfarrer. It is a nonfiction story about a US Navy Seal. It was about him and his platoon traveling the world and his adventures of being a navy seal. It tells his stories of countless operations in several countries like Lebanon, central and southern America and many others places. He explains the hard life a navy seal and all the things that they do. In this book he also talks about his life and marriage to several women. He never really could seem to find love in his lifetime and maybe he has now. He grew up in a military family and then was sent to a military school on the east coast. He graduated top of his class and then was admitted in the Naval Academy but decided to go back to California to go surfing and college. After his girlfriend of 3 years breaks up with him he decides to go to be a Navy seal. He then spends 2 and a half years training to be a seal. He travels that world and sees many cultures of life. He then gets deployed t go to Lebanon where he experiances some of the hardest times of his life.  


" I have a bit of advice to offer. Hold on to the people you are close to, love them fiercely. Get up every morning and live like there is no tomorrow. Becasue one day you'll find it's true." pg 382


" I will not be a victim of anything. I am a fighter." pg 382


"In war, bigger is better, " pg 208


"At 6:23 A.M. we heard something-an explosion, a big one, but one wholly unlike the sounds of artilleryand rockets to which we had grown accustomed." pg 233 


I really liked this book because he reminds me of myself. Chuck never really knew what he wanted to do until he was a senior in college and his girlfriend broke up with him. He then just decided to join the seals. He went through the training and contined on from there. He thinks almost just like me and i kinda of see a lot of him in myself. We both seem to have a lot of the same goals. It was one of teh best books that i read when it comes to reading about the seals. So i recommend this book to anyone that wants to be in the military or a navy seal or anyone that likes a good book.  

Comments (7)

Francis said

at 3:34 pm on Nov 23, 2009

Anthem sounds interesting.

Trevor said

at 9:25 am on Nov 24, 2009

Ya its pretty good i thought it was a good book plus it is a quick read

Erin said

at 9:27 am on Nov 24, 2009

This sounds interesting.

Francis said

at 3:24 pm on Nov 24, 2009

You should read the Road its good, easy, but depressing.

Bella said

at 2:08 pm on Mar 26, 2010

What was your favorite part of The Road?

Francis said

at 8:55 pm on Mar 28, 2010

when they talk about when they eat people

Francis said

at 8:57 pm on Mar 28, 2010

thei is trevor by the way i am just on francis's profile

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