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THE page LMA

Page history last edited by Thelma 14 years, 4 months ago


Quotes from The History of Love the greatest book of all time:


"Her kisses were a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering." 


"...the two sentences he'd been wanting to say for years: part of me is made of glass, and also, I love you.

And in the most important moment of his life, he chose the wrong sentence." 


"...on average seventy-four species become extinct every day, which is one good reason but not the only to hold someones hand."


--Nicole Krauss



And quotes from Mr. Gillespie:


"Who wants to do this problem on the board? You? I have a fancy green marker with your name on it...you're name's 'Expo' "


"I don't like missing school so when they said I would be missing a WEEK...I kind of wanted to cry a little."


"These papers are the easiest. These ones are the hardest, and these ones here...are the...mediumest."


"I woke up to the doorbell which was weird because...I didn't even know I had a doorbell...."


"Make sure your partner feels comfortable and supported and loved."


Quotes from Mr. Bonnell:


"Rage. Anger. On yourself. On your friends. Not on me...or my facebook page."


"What's it called when the pope becomes a pope?"

"Popenation?" -- Alek Lopez

"Popenation? Ha. Like talination of the taliban. Anyway, at the popenation..."


"Romanticism is like, 'Near far, wherever you are. Even if youre in prison in Afghanistan!' Realism is like, 'Yeah right. You know you're all about to drown on the Titanic!'"


"You must have somthing to say. Say something. A core, a central, 'You are my planet, I am your satelite, let me orbit you.'"


"It looks like a squashy star."


"Oh yes! My black brothers!"


"Those are some pretty nice railroad tracks."


"You don't want to touch someone's cotton swab. You don't know what it swabbed...."



Quotes From School:


"You have wings coming out of your head!" -- Chase Mellon

"What." -- Mr. Bonnell

"I mean...metaphorically." -- Mr. Bonnell


"I thought I'd help you out of the goodness of my heart: all five cubic inches of my heart." -- Isaiah Grey


" 'He laughed...sardonically'?? Like a sardine?" -- Chase Mellon

"Yeah Chase. He laughed like a stinky little fish." -- Mr. Dinning


"Cameron, if your life was a song, what would it be? I think mine would be a yodel." -- Isaiah Grey


"You played with a lot of heart." -- Chase Mellon


"Navy...army..." -- Natasha Finnigan

"Coast guard..." -- Haylee Ludolph

"Circus..." -- Isaiah Grey


"I wish I was a sea turtle. Just sit around and eat algae and talk to friends." -- Isaiah Grey


"Wow. This is just one big bad day." -- David Willems


""Fun does not have a volume limit!" -- Isaiah Grey


"Are you being blasfamous Bella." -- Taylor Dinning


"This makes me want to sled down a hill into a tree." -- Taylor Dinning


"you should've shot him...with your mind bullets." -- Chase Mellon


"So what?" -- Chase Mellon

"So look at this picture!" -- Trevor Hampton




I read the book The Messenger by Markus Zusak. It was really good. My favorite scene is the one where the main character Ed and this little girl are on the porch of her house. The girl is in an abusive family where her dad is a drunk and rapes her mom. She comes out on the porch and asks if he is going to save her. What was he supposed to say? But even though he didn't know her, and he'd never even talked to her, he saw what was happening and what she had to experience every night, and he gave her a hug. It paints a beautiful picture of the human compacity for love.


"I’m Angelina,” she says. “Are you here to save us?” I can see a tiny spark of hope awaken in her eyes.

“You’re right, Angelina - I’m here to save you.”

“Can you? Really?”

“I’ll try,” I say and the girl smiles.


"You can kill a man with those words. No gun. No bullets.

Just words and a girl." 



Now I am reading Blackburn by Bradley Denton and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.


Blackburn is about a guy who becomes a murderer, and I'm not gonna lie, it scares me a little. But it is so...crazy. I was instantly hooked when I picked it up. He is so honest, and so funny. I read about thirty pages non-stop and so far, and there were a few parts where I actually gasped because it was so ingenious. I've told my dad, my sister and Jesse about the third chapter, and they were all like, "wow." the third chapter is so...BAM. In your face. Eat this. Take that. Pow. Yeah. What now?


"Jesus says hi." -- Blackburn


That quote sounds weird and a little cheesy but if you read the book, and get the story behind it. The lies. The little boy. The blind man. The prayer of a child who wants desperately to be loved.

. . . It is actually such a powerful line.

When I read that I was in the back of my sisters car, and it was so intense. I was like "WHAT!?" and my sister almost ran off the road.


The Lovely Bones...makes me want to bruttaly kill rapists and murderers within the first few chapters. It's about a girl who was murdered and she is telling her viewpoint from heaven.


"'When the dead are done with the living, the living can go on to other things,' Franny said. 'What about the dead?' I asked. 'Where do we go?'"


I finished the Lovely Bones. It had such a good ending. But...it was a little unsatisfying because I felt like, well that was totally unrealistic, and then I remembered that this book was being told by a dead girl in heaven.



The Last Song is so good. It's 400 pages and I read it in three days. That's how good it is.


Comments (14)

paul bonnell said

at 9:01 pm on Oct 14, 2009

What book did you read? What are your thoughts and reflections?

Jesse said

at 2:44 pm on Oct 22, 2009

So Ham. I went into the library to get that book because it sounds so good. And the gosh darn library was closed!!! Aaarrgghh!!! Looking forward to reading it. =)

AmyE said

at 3:36 pm on Nov 23, 2009

Rapists are VERy mean people. So are murderers.

Thelma said

at 3:20 pm on Nov 24, 2009

Yes. Which is why they need to die. A horrible...painful...evil death.

Molly said

at 3:49 pm on Nov 24, 2009

The history of love sounds cute.
Did you like it?

Andria said

at 3:52 pm on Nov 24, 2009

i bought Lovely Bones from a yardsale or a bookstore or something last summer and ive been meaning to read it. Where and what year is the setting placed?

Markayle said

at 3:53 pm on Nov 24, 2009

Ya thelma whitney and i laugh at his funny sayings too. lol its hilarious because i dont even think he does it on purpose lololololol...

Thelma said

at 9:15 am on Jan 21, 2010

I loved the history of love. My favorite book ever.
The lovely bones is from the 80's but you can't really tell.

Angela said

at 8:36 am on Mar 24, 2010

Aaaah, your page name is clever. It made me laugh. :)

Angela said

at 8:40 am on Mar 24, 2010

Alsoo, the qoutes from various places made my whole day! If I get in a bad mood later, I will just think about the qoutes here on your page. Thelma, you are truely a hilarious person!

paul bonnell said

at 12:32 am on Mar 27, 2010

So, did you end up doing an extra credit book? Or what's "counting" here and what's not? _The Lovely Bones_ for #4 or _The Last Song_? What do you think about these? More reflections? More quotations? More vocabulary? More class "notes"?

Hannah said

at 9:08 am on Mar 27, 2010

Your quotes are awesome!

Thelma said

at 11:58 am on Mar 29, 2010

Ah! It's never enough for you Bonnell!

Thelma said

at 12:02 pm on Mar 29, 2010

Thanks Angela and Hannah. I'm glad that someone understands my page name. :)

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