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Research Paper

Page history last edited by paul bonnell 13 years, 2 months ago

Research Paper Resources


What are your topic ideas?  Interests?  Post questions.  I'll try to help you head in different directions.


Here's a link to a site that will help you with "odd" bibliographic format.  The link goes directly to various online sources.




Don't feel locked in to any particular topic yet.  Right now you are exploring.


As you settle into interest areas, ask yourself the following questions:


1.  Will this interest me for the next five weeks?

2.  What controversies do I see in these interest areas? (Theses)

3.  Why are these conflicts here?  (Background)

4.  Who make up the "factions" in this conflict?  (Perspectives)

5.  What information exists on the different sides?  (Arguments)

6.  Whom can interview about this topic?  (Primary Sources)

7.  Where can I head next?  (Directions, more research, more sources)

8.  What questions arise?  (Leading information)


Look for ideas all sorts of places.  Tonight the kids and I were discussing population after dinner--largest states (area), states with the greatest population, the least populous states, etc.  Levi asked what the city with the largest population is.  New York, with almost 20 million.  We then proceeded to the world--Tokyo metropolitan area, with over 30 million.  Let's put that in perspective: Idaho's population is 1,293,953 (http://www.publicrecordsinfo.com/public_records/idaho_public_records.htm).  Anyway, along with our discussion of population (and some fun skimming through the atlas), we ended up talking about Shinkansen, the Japanese "bullet trains," which are used for transportation between major Japanese cities.  Here's a link to a research paper from England about Shinkansen--http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/discussionpapers/Hood.html


Where can you find research paper ideas?  Anywhere.



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Keera said

at 12:07 am on Feb 16, 2010

Bonnell, you should really bold the names of sixth period on this page. My OCD-ness is kicking in and it's really bothering me. :]

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