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Mat's FSU Page

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The Maltese Falcon



The reason why I chose this book was because Bonnel recommended it to me after I couldn't get into the other book i had picked out. This is a very good book. It keeps you guessing on what is going to happen next without giving it away. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes mystey books.


This book is about the mystery of the Maltese Faclon, which is a very valuable golden falcon that is encrusted in jems from head to toe. Sam spade is a private detective who doesn't always do things by the rules. One day a young girl comes to his office and offers him two hundred dollars to follow a man that has supposedly kidnapped her younger sister. Spade's partner follows the man and ends up getting shot along with the man that was supposed to be followed. Spade hears about this and he confronts the girl and she tells him that he name is Brigid O'Shaughnessy and she is in search of the Maltese Falcon because there are people after it also. I havent read the entire book but i am looking forward to the ending.




     Bonn recomended this book to me because i couldn't find a book to read. The begining starts off pretty slow but i have heard once you get into it that it is a really good book. i'm looking forward to reading it over thanks giving break.



     To me this book is about John Grady's search for what he is supposed to do in life, his mother has to sell their ranch in Texas after John's granfather dies. John realizes that there isn't anything really left for him in Texas so him and his friend Rawlins run away from home to Mexico. On their way they meet up with Belvins and the three head towards Mexico together. On their way Belvins loses his horse to a group of theives. the three boys come to a village called Encantada and they find Belvin's horse their but it is being claimed by someone else, the three boys get chased out of the town after trying to steal his horse back. they become seperated when the group of theives chases after them. They come to a ranch owned by Don Hector who gives them a job. John falls in love with Don's gorgeous daughter Alejandra. when don finds out about their afair he turns the three boys over to the Encantada police where belvins is executed and john and rawlins are imprisoned. John goes back to Alejandra but she will not leave her family for him, devastated john rides into the sunset.





 "What he loved in horses is what he loved in men, the blood and the heat of the blood that ran in them."


"He'd never touched her and her hand was small and her waist so slight and she looked at him with great forhtrightness and smiled and put her face against his shoulder."






     The main reason i chose this book was because i had heard from a few people that it was a really good book to read and i am really glad i did choose to read The Power of One. Even though it is a pretty long book, once you can get into it it goes by really fast.


     It is about young blond haired boy named Peekay who was born in South Africa on his Grandpa's farm but his mother has left him because of a mental breakdown, a black zulu nanny takes him and she breast feeds him and starts to take care of him. At the age of five he is sent to Afrikaans boarding school, where he is the only english speaking child. The other boys verbally and physically abuse him because he is the only english speaking boy there and also of his habit of wetting the bed. After Peekay's first year at the boarding school, he is sent back to the farm to his nanny Marry. He tells her how the year had went and about his bed wetting problem, when she hears about this she summons the black chief Inkosi-Inkosikazi to solve this problem, not only does he solve Peekay's bad habit, he shows him how to open his mind to a place where Peekay can always find Inkosi-Inkosikazi. Inkosi-Inkosikazi also gives Peekay one of his magic chickens to take back to school with him named Granpa Chook. When Peekay returns to school the boys still constantly pick on him, especially the Judge ( the judge his the oldest boy in the boarding school) he starts making Peekay do his homework and he is always calling him a pisskop. Peekay becomes even smarter once he starts doing the judges homework. at the end of the year Peekaky boards a train to Barbeton to meet his Granpa there. on the train he meets a boxer who invites Peekay to come watch one of his fights, when Peekay watches the match he then decides he wants to become a boxer also. When Peekay arrives in Barberton, his mother is there awaiting him and she tells him she is now a revived christian, peekay learns that his mother had dismissed his nanny because she wouldn't give her life to god. Peekay is angered and deeply saddened by this news. once they arrive home Peekay starts exploring the hills behind his house where he meets a german proffessor who starts to teach him things. but the proffesor never registered with Barberton as a visiting alien so he is thrown in jail. Peekay visits him at the jail and he realizes the jail has a boxing program so Peekay starts training with one of the Trainers there. Soon after peekay wins the under Twevle boxing title. With his boxing talent and outstanding intellect for music he is awarded a scholarship to the Prince of Wales boarding school. once at wales he transforms the boxing team into a winning team, on his way to becoming the welter weight champion of the world.




Pisskop-means piss head

Rooinek- redneck

Euphemism- The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.

Dazzle-to overpower or dim the vision of by intense light.

Dictum-An authoritative, often formal pronouncement




Author: Bryce Courtenay

Title: The Power of One

Publication date: 1989

Total number of pages: 513






“As I stood on the great rock waiting to jump into the water, I could see the new moon rising, bright as a new florin above the thundering falls.” Pg. 15


“The rains had been good north of the Drakensburg Mountains, and now Nanny grew fearful as she asked for news of her people.” Pg. 17


“Death was cold as ice. Hell was supposed to be fire and brimstone, and here I was freezing to death. Pg.6





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at 8:24 am on Oct 6, 2009


Becca said

at 8:26 am on Oct 6, 2009

Hey loser......im jk. just wanted to say hi :-)

Josh said

at 8:27 am on Oct 6, 2009

alright you two lets keep that out of the comments mkay? we dont need you guys postin things like this on each others pages mkay? alrighty then.

Allia said

at 8:27 am on Oct 6, 2009

What's the book about mat?

Josh said

at 8:28 am on Oct 6, 2009

btw what are myster books im completely lost on that one =0

paul bonnell said

at 8:31 pm on Oct 7, 2009

Yes. Dashiell Hammett does a wonderful job of spinning plot twists and surprises. Any favorites? How about some quotations?

Adriana said

at 4:55 pm on Nov 23, 2009

Wonderful! This is SUPER AWESOMELY COOL.

Adriana said

at 9:44 am on Nov 24, 2009

LATEST UPDATE!!! Today is Tuesday, November 24, 2009! Two days till i can eat my way towards obesity!!!

paul bonnell said

at 11:01 pm on Mar 26, 2010

I'm glad you read _The Power of One_. It seems like a book that would fit your interests and personality. What did you get out of the book? How could you develop your reflection section?

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