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Markizzle kayle's ULTRA woman wicked wizard wiki

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Life is too beautiful to waste any one day!USE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury


       Quotes from this book are extremely important. This was a beautiful love story,

      and what would a love story be without all the lovey dovey quotes that the two

      main characters contribute. here are just a few.

           This quote has a lot to do with the fact that the two characters in love want to wait until they are married before they... he-hem.... explore eachother. :) Anyways, a lot of the time they find themselves in situations when it would be easier to give in to what they don't want to do, and yet they stay strong and don't "do the deed." 

                         "'He pressed his face lightly to hers. "Maybe we should change the wedding date." She felt dizzy with the nearness of him.


                         "Lets get married this afternoon. "

There are alot of quotes like that. There are at lease a dozen kissing scenes.They are super girly, which is why I find it surprising that i like this book. It is so cute and give the true definition of what true love is like. True love knows that they should wait for the other person even when there body is trying to persuade them otherwise. Its so cute! :)


          So you can assume by the way that i talked about the quotes that i like this book immensely. It is full of things that would be beneficial to basically every young reader. They should know that true love is willing to wait. I would say that almost 70% of teenage girls today have a distorted view of what love actually is. What it all comes down to with girls is that a majority of us are too impatient to wait for the guys that will come into our lives later, so we force ourselves to say that we love the guys we like. Then when that “love” relationship doesn't work out, then some girls feel unwanted, therefore they force themselves on another boy, and the process begins all over again. Eventually the girls simply give up and tell themselves they never want another relationship again, based on their hazy view of what love is, that and the fact that they assume all guys are the same, and that that assumption is based off of high school boys, which is not a very great comparison at all. (By the way, this is not all known from personal experience, it is all observations.) So, to wrap it all up, this book showed me what real love actually looks like. It is not artificial or made up. It is real and beautiful, when it centers on what is pure, good, holy, and powerfully awesome… Jesus!!!

     So, the plot of this story takes place mainly in a small and friendly town named Bloomington. This book is one of a series of books. In the previous books, the two main characters, Katy Hart and star Dayne Matthews met in a theater that Katy directed at. Dayne was not a christian at the time, and he was an "A" list actor. The chances of an "A" list actor meeting his future wife in a smalltown children's theater program are incredibly microscopic. Yet, it happens anyways, and the couple get to know eachother, and fall in love, and eventually Dayne pops the question, and Katy says yes. The book Sunrise is all about the preparations for the wedding. In the past, Dayne and Katy had a lot of trouble with dangerous, and intrustive poperazzi. The problem and challenge in this book is how to spend the most important day of their lives with no annoying cameras clicking away, and raining on their wedding. So, Dayne hires a wedding planner who specializes in secret weddings for movie stars such as Dayne Matthews. Her name is 

Wilma Waters. Through a series of weddings and plans, the trio manages to get the poperazzi to think that

the wedding is on a different day than it actually is, and in that way, they are able to suceed in having a perfect wedding. The storyline in itself is exceptionally simple, and yet this 

author and series of books are without a doubt my favorite christian books of all time. They are fiction 

and yet they are full of truth. That is why i read them because it gets my mind off of this stupid world, 

and more focused on the things of God. I get such a release with these books! 

(And in case anyone who reads my Wiki is wondering... I will mention God in probably every single one 

of my entries because he is who i am. In a way he is the only form of writing i know. Its a boomerang 

effect, it all comes back to Jesus for me. I'm not trying to sound preachy, and yet, how can i abandon a part

of who i am. It would be wierd. :) :0 =)

Here are some more quotes that i need to do to complete my self select project, you will see a dash, and then a phrase at the end of each one, and those are the phrases that I use to describe a percieve the quotes:

     "... the first time I saw Katy- the time when I walked into the theater and heard a bunch of kids singing

a song from Charlie Brown, and then when the show ended, Katy climbed onstage and thanked the kids and

the families. I haven't been the same since." - Love at first sight.


     " Now it was a matter of holdign tight to real life in a real place like Bloomington and enjoying every

moment along the way." - Optimistic Bliss


     " Real life, the one in the public eye seemed a million miles away." - this one needs a little bit of explaining, I put it on here because it is almost as if Dayne was daydreaming. I imagine that to him, being in a small town with the woman he loves, away from all the chaos of LA, was a huge change that he wouldn't give up for the whole world. he has complete dedication to Katy Lynn Hart, and that will never go away.


     " Dayne wasn't sure if he would be able to stand. Katy was more beautiful than anything he might have imagined his bride to be." - He is definitely content with his choice. no regrets just love.


Even if this is only 4 quotes, they summarize the story better than anything else. When you are in love, nothing else matters, not fame, not the real world crap that goes on everyday, not the beautiful actresses that Dayne worked with. What mattered to him was Livign in Bloomington with the one he finds irresistable, and holding on to the moment when God brought them together for the first time. It just shows that form 1 Corinthians chapter 13 ... "but the greatest of these is love." Is truth that is proven fact.

                                  LOVE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS (Celine Dion)

          There anint a dream that don't 

          Have a chance 

          To come true now 

          It just takes a little faith baby 

          Anything that we want to do 

           We can do now 

          There ain't nothing in our way baby 

          Nothing our love couldn't raise above 

          We can get through the night 

          We can get to the light 

          Long as we got our love to 

          Light the way 

          With a little faith 

          Just a little trust 

          If you believe in love 

          Love can move mountains 

          Believe in your heart 

          And feel, feel it in your soul           

          And love baby love can 

          Move mountains 

          Ocean deep and mountains high 

          They can't stop us 

          Because love is on our side baby 

          We can reach the heavens and 

          Touch the sky 

          Just believe it, believe in you and I baby           

          If we got love that is strong enough 

          We can do anything, make it 

          through anything

'          Coz through it all love will always 

          Find a way 

          With a little faith... 

          You believe in me 

          I'll believe in you 

          If we believe in each other 

          Nothing we can't do 

          If we got love that's strong enough 

          Love will find a way 

          With a little faith

I think that this song does a tremendous job of summing up the love expirience of the two characters in my novel. Circumstances with the paperozzo and them were scary at times, and it almost seemed to Katy and Dayne that the love was probably not going to work out, and yet with their faith, the love found a way, and now they are exceedingly content in the arms of one another.


                        Where the Red Fern Grows

                                                                                      By Wilson Rawls



Little Ann, red lab

                                                    Old Dan, Black Lab                                                                                                                                     

This is red fern...


     I am going to start out with my life expirience to this book. I know what it is like to want something so bad, that you can hardly stand it. Then once you get it, you are so thankful for it, and you would not do anything to hurt it once you got it. And yet, they end up getting hurt anyways, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent what happened to them. So, as all of this rambling relates to Where the Red Fern Grows, Billy wanted two of his own hunting labradors. In fact, Wilson Rawls described him as being sick because he wanted it so excruciatingly. Then once he got them, he felt that he was on top of the world. He was so excited, and started hunting immediately. Billy even knew how dangerous hunting was, yet he trusted his dogs completely. Then disaster struck, and one hunting expirience went utterly tragic. To put it into detail, Billy and his dogs were out on another hunting expedition, and they came across a cougar. Old Dan thougth that he could basically defend his owner (Billy) and companion, Little Ann. However, as most of us know, cougars are not weak, especially compared to the strength of a regular hunting dog. True old dan was noble, but nobiltity did not keep him alive. The cougar thrashed Old Dan until his entrails came out, and he died- no matter how hard he fought to stay alive. And there was nothing that Billy could do about it.

     Sometimes there are things in life that happen, and they dont seem fair, and they can depress us at times. Yet the true test of our strength is not how much we can put upwith before going crazy, it is how we deal with all of that stress. It is like when my mom died. I was incredibly sad, but there was nothing that i could do about it. So i tryed being optimistic, this did not work though, The only thing that i am able to do is to simply move on with my life. Though she is always in my heart, if i always have her on my mind, i wont be able to continue on with my life. So, yes in a way coping is a test of your strength, but it is also a stressor to your memory because there are some things in life that can never be forgotten.


          This book was completely epic, and it just clicked with me in a strange sort of way. It put into perspective how many forms of love there are. There is romance, there is friendship, and then there is the passionate and beautiful and completley love that only GOd can give. This book made me realize the love for friends that i have. I am in love with both my best friends Whitney ann and Chris Moran, they are AMAZING  people. They make me laugh, they cheer me up when i am down, and all in all they are two of the best friends that i have ever known. I know that me and Whitney are a team of craziness- yes- but there is more to us than that. The friendship we have can only be form God because it is perfect. And chris is beyond amazing. He is funny, and serious. He one of the best people i have ever known, and he knows all he needs to change. These two people have affected my life in more ways than a million. I cannot imagine my life without their frinedship. I would lose the ability to laugh if they were gone. I would lose my ability to ever truly love anyone like i love my best friends... and if anyone think they have a better relationship with their best friends than i do... then you know precisely what i am talking about. I know the pain that Billy felt when both of his best friends died. It cannot be fathomed when you are that close to someone. That is why this book made me cry. I  DIDNT  WANT  TO  BUT  i could not help it.




          Which is a totally different story... and yet it is not. THrough this wiki i hope to change peoples lives. So as a small reminder, if you have ever lost a love one, and you dont think you will ever see them again, think again. Because there is a way you can possibly see them again. If you ask Jesus to save you, and that person has to, then you WILL  see that person. Through my expirience, i realize that this truth is the only way i can cope with the loss of my mom and dad. Its so important that you take what i am saying to heart. No, i am not religious. Not mormon, or buddhist, or anyhting. I am just a person like you who lives for the savior of the world. I am a christian. Make no mistake about that! And it is so pure i wish that everyone could would believe and have this joy too. and when you feel like you cannot take another step, remember:


                                       "Trust in Him in all times, you people; pour out your heart;


                                        Before Him GOd is a refuge for us."


                                                                                Pslam 62:1


Anyways... consider all i have said. I hope i have touched your life in some small way. Please realize that if you read all i wrote down, and that if you actually had the patience to endure it then.......


                                        ..............YOU WERE MEANT TO SEE THIS...........................





 See full size image


















Ok so this is a totally different thing but every one needs to know something that took away all my doubts about whether or not god made everything and everyone. To start with in the huge galaxy that earth is in has a black hole in the middle that is holding the entire galaxy together- and this black hole has a CROSS in the middle- the symbol of God that we carry- and in this black hole that holds the entire universe together has a shape in it of a Cross!!!! its amazing.. see above it is the blue and black photo! And not only that but there is also something that must hold us togehter too! it is the glue to our body and it is called laminin. Without it our bodies would fall apart.. it is also in the shape of a cross. see above in the diagram AND IT IS SO SO SO SO AMAZING it tells us all that everything holds together in JESUS CHRIST. amen amen amen!!!!! i am so so so pumped :D :) :)

Ok here we go!!!

This book that i am currently reading is actually a classic!!! i am so proud to say that iam reading a classic... and its actually good..

Yeah so it is called SUMMER OF MY GERMAN SOLDIER by Bette Greene, and so far it is really great! its a story about a young jewish girl who is rejected by her mother, ignored and beat by her father, and is constantly compared with her younger sister sharon. It is not until she meets and escaped german soldier named Anton, that she actually feels loved and cherished. The slave that works for them- Ruth also loves patty bergen. This story is theirs. OF ruths love for God, and i compare that with patty and antons lack of trust and love for God. WHich is not good ( but thats a different story.)

Comments (7)

Markayle said

at 3:00 pm on Oct 5, 2009

I really hope this saves!

whitneyann said

at 5:07 pm on Oct 11, 2009

wow you have great descriptions on the book! its fun to read :)

Sara said

at 7:15 pm on Oct 14, 2009

Markayle, I love how you put so much enthusiasm in your words! I just might read this lovey dovey book. You know my favorite thing about these books is that you can read them over and over again and still enjoy them. You should read Rainbow of Promises, it's a book about missionaries to Australia (I think) and you'd love it. I've read it like 5 times

paul bonnell said

at 9:21 pm on Oct 14, 2009

Don't worry about making posts that reference your faith. The wiki is meant to be a place to reflect and share, and if that doesn't include who you are (with all due respect to your peers), then what would be the point? I like how you describe reading as an escape. I, too, find it a relief to drop into the world of a book, grapple with variety of ideas, and emerge hours, days, weeks, or months (!?) later to contemplate everything that the words brought to mind. As an English teacher, I'm highly fascinated by how the same book speaks differently to different people and how a book can speak differently to the same person at different times in her/his life. Look at Sara's post: she's read a book five times. I've read some books dozens of times, and I get something new each time. Crazy.

whitneyann said

at 3:28 pm on Dec 8, 2009

I am reallly enjoying your pictures they are very beautiful. also a agree with you about what you have to say in where the red fern grows

Thelma said

at 3:33 pm on Dec 8, 2009

I remember when the teacher read Where the Red Fern Grows to the class in 5th grade. I cried. I littlerally broke down in the middle of class because they died. That book is so intense.

paul bonnell said

at 12:22 am on Mar 27, 2010

Markayle, is _The Summer of My German Soldier_ for your assignment with Mrs. Brown's history class too? What do you think of it? Develop your reflections and post quotations and vocabulary too.

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