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Josie's Jags

Page history last edited by Josie G 15 years, 1 month ago



I'm starting the h$#@ over because I just lost everything, and I mean everything!

Jerk PB (Paul Bonnell) wiki!




I read the book Twilight. It was so amazing, that i read it twice. The first time i read it in about five hours and then continued to finsh the series of four in about three days. It was written by Stephanie Meyer and was a number one New York best seller.








they were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where i sat as possible in the the long room. There were five of them. They werent talking, and

they were'nt eating, thought they each had a try of untouched food in front of them. They werent gawking at me, unlike most the other studendts, so it was safe to stare at them withouth fear of meeting an excessivelyu interested pair of eyes. But it was none of these things that caught, and held, my attention. 

Page:18 Its the moment that everything changes, that life itself becomes altering. Its probably the most significant aspect that happens ever, just because its the begining and without it life itself wouldnt of been found.


 Edward Cullen was standing four cars down from me, staring at me in horror. His face stood out from a sea of faces, all frozen in the same mask of shock. But of more immediate importance was teh dark blue van that was skiding, tires locked and squealing against the breakes, spinning widly across the ice of the parking lot. it was going to hit the back corner of my truck, and i was staning between them. I didnt even have time to close my eyes.

Page:56 Life is something we cant define, and the last moments we have of it arent conjured untill they happen. But somehow our body can sense it and somehow we are able to picture of think about the things we hold most dear, because those are the things we fear most of losing.


My stomach twisted as i realized what he must have meant. He must see how absorbed i was by him; he must not wante to lead me on... so we couldnt even be friends.... because he wasn't interested in me at all. Of course he wasn't interested in me, i thought angrily, my eyes stinging-delayed reaction to the onions. I wasnt' intersting. And he was. Intersting.. and briliant.. and mysterious... and perfect... and beautiful... and possible able to life full sized vans with one hand. Page:79 its weird how easily our mind corrupts and interprets things the wrong way sometimes. A simple Hey can be redirected to i hate you. And its odd how we just instantly compare ourselves to someone else, just because of something the say or do, even if we have no apparent reason. Bella in this case takes something which she really has no clue about and twists it to something way out of its orignal meaning.


"your dangerous?" I guessed, my pulse quickening as I intuitively realized the truth of my own words. He was dangerous. He'd been trying to tell me all along. He just lookeed at me, eyes full of some emotion i couldn't comprehend. "But not bad", i whisperd, shaking my head. "No, i dont believe your bad."

"your wrong". His voice was almost inaudible. Page: 93 It's crazy how our mind  can answer our own questions, but we like to ask them sometimes just becuase we want a differnt answer then what we know we are going to recieve. And even when we do get the answer we dont want we some how find a way to justify it and make it ok and acceptable using a stronger power to over come it.


There was a brisk wind coming off the waves, cold and briny. Pelicans floated on the swells while seagulls and a lone eagle wheeled above them. The clouds still circlred the sky, threatening to invade at an moment, but for now the sun shone bravely in its halo of a blue sky. Page:115 Almost takes you there. you want to feel the breeze and feel the sun on your skin fighting its way against the clouds. Because we have all been witnesses to a day like that where the weather seems to be waitng for the opetune moment to turn bad and you just hope it doesnt as we watch the clouds draw closer.



 Sweet words




















First of all its a Romance novel, something i dont ever read. Second it was really invigerating, and for those of u looking at my cover going "o my gosh" i know why she read it, your wrong. My mom and sister forced me upon it, insisting that  i cant knock romance books till i try them. I would not suggest reading the immortal highlander or the rest of the highlander series for that matter, if your not mature enough to handle adult situations. Which i believe at seventeen shouldn't be much of a challenge. I found the book suspiciously interesting and intelectually thrilling. Karen Marie Moning is an amazing author, and even if Romance isnt your genre her writing style can still be greatly aprriciated. THe vocabulary she uses not for describing but verbs as well are highly articulate and intriguing. Although Romance is not my genre, fantasy is and with in this book fantasy goes along hand in hand wih romance. The book takes place in more the one century considering it is fantasy, and the one the main characters Adam Black is a fairy who can sift time. He however is not a fairy that we as children group up knowing, he does not obtain wings nore is he covered in fairy dust. Tinkerbelle would like like a turd next to him. Anyways, if your not intellectually availalbe , or matture enough to handle adult content i would not suggest the immortal highlander. However, for those will to accept the concept that human interactions with one another (on a higher level) are real, and very present i would suggest nothing less then this book, its also a fast read and very well written AND ITS GOOD!!   

















Some tid bits from my book ("Quotes")


Adam shifted position carefully, trying to take the pressure of his shoulder with out disturbing Gabrielle. She was sleeping in his arms. Had been for hours, easy as could be. Her face, in repose, was sweet, youthful, innocent, and utterly beautiful to him. He traced a finger down her cheek, studying the suble, soft planes wonder what made beauty. In thousands of years he'd still not figured it out. Whatever it was, she had in in spades. She was warm and eathy and vibrant. She was fiery autumn and spring thunder.  Even somone imortal and all powerful still ponders at the very essence of beauty. In all beautys glorry it is yet to be discovered, much like quality






ALthough vividly descriptive and an invintitive ficitonaly story, Grendel did not strike my fancy. When reading the excerpt from the back of the book I imagined a completley different book. Grendel dies a cave dwelling, man devouring monster,but is born a confused child much like the rest of us. Grendel, although pretrayed as a monster is in fact the very creation of man at their worst. He is born into a world that will never except him and is forever alone, his childhood innocence becomes demented with the cruelty of mankind. The sweet irony is the fact that Grendel "the monster" is turned monster by that of their very own hands, and if they would of found it in their hearts to accept him he never would of caused them any harm but helped them through out their struggles in life.




Response=             Quote=           




I understood that the world was nothing; a mechanical chaos of casual,brute enmity on which we stupidly impose our hopes and fears (p.g22)

We place our hope and love into a world that sends and gives nothing back to us except that from what we ourselves cause. To Grendel it seems to always work the same, instead of being unexpected it works mechanically like a clock.


"They only think they think. No total vision, total system, merely schemes with a vague family, resemblance, no more identity then bridges, and say, spiderwebs. But they rush across chasms on spiderwebs, and sometimes they make it, and they think, settles that! (p.g64)

We only think we know the answers. And sometimes when we come to a conclusion that seems to fit, whatever we are pondering at we believe, that, the situation is disclosed and over with, when in reality there can be several answers. 



In all discussions of nature, we must try to remember the differences of scale,and in a particular the differences of time span. We are apt to tke modes of obesrvable funtioning in our own bodies as setting an absolute scale. But as matter of fact, it's extremely rash to extend conclusions derived from observation far beyond the scale of magnitude to which the observation was confined. (p.g66)

The magnitude of something is based on a scale or degree of hardness. But as people we tend to rate the scale due to our own personal capabilites. However, the task itself should have no degree because making a scale itself makes the task more complex then it was supposed to be in the first place.


An angry man does not usually shake his fist at the universe in general. He makes a selection and knocks his neighbor down. A piece of rock, on the other hand, impartially attracts the universe according to the law of gravitaion.(p.g 69)

When someone is mad, they do not take it out on everything or everyone, or even sometimes thier selves. We find it easier to knock someone else down for our mistakes and put the blame on them. However nature follows guidelines, and does strictly what it's meant to do.


Nothing was changed, everything was changed, by my have seen the dragon. It's one thing to listen, full of scorn and doubt, to poet's versions of time and past and visions of time to come; it's another to know, as codly and simply as my mother knows her pile of bones what is.(p.g 80)

Its one thing to think you know, and easy to judge doubtfully when you're only partially aware. But it's another thing to realize and know for sure exactly what ist to come, and that is, when your perspective changes.


























             Grendel is the monster in Beowulf






                               Grendel as he enters the village to slay humans.                            







Sherman Alexie Serious face                                   Shermin Alexie non serious face



The absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian was a fast read, and was an entertaining, enjoyable book. However i would not consider it a classic or anything by those standards, ten years from now i will have forgotten all about it reading it while I willl probably still remember other books which have stood out ot me.   






I know they'd been pitched just as much crap as I was. And there they were, ready to catch more crap for me. Ready to walk through the crap with me.(p.g 143)

Real friends, or people who are really there for you will stand by you till the end of time. And even if the road they travel with you isnt going to be easy, they will still stick it out because as long as there walking it with you it doesnt matter.


I felt brave all of a sudden. Yeah, maybe it was just a stupid and immature school yard fight. Or maybe it was the most imporntant moment of my life.  Maybe I was telling the world that I was no longer a human target. (p.g 65)

There comes a turning point in everyones life and although for Junior it was a good one, it doesnt always work that way, as humans were not always ready for the consequences of our actions, and sometimes we spend decades wondering what if...


"All theses kids have given up," he said. "all your friends. All the bullies. And their mothers and fathers have given up, too. And their grandparents gave up and their grandparents before them. And me and every other teacher here. We're all defeated."(p.g42)

This is really the starting point of the whole book its what really turns Juniors life around. Even if your strong and your  strive to achieve, if your surrounded by failure and are enclosed away from sucess there is a good chance that you to are going to burn out and just add on to the failures.


When it comes to death, we know that laughter and tears are pretty much the same.(p.g167)

Ive once laughed so hard i cried, and even laughed to the point where it hurts. ANd i have once cried so hard that i couldnt move, and sometimes even when things seem so shitty all you can do is cry, through your tears you can find an ounce of laughter, but often that laughter just leads to more tears. Death, and life and tears, and laughter are sometimes closer then we ever hope them to be.


If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing.(p.g129)

There are thsoe people in your life that your never want to lose and every day your so thankful that your had the ability to meet them,then ther are those people that walk by who you never cared to say hello to, but if u stop and think about it you could be letting your best friend walk right past you. 












This Book's vocabulary level was probably ranked around the sixth grade level, there fore not surpassing my own seventh grade reading level (j.k more like 1,000th grade level). However there was one word's meaning that i was not quite sure of, and that was the word "Boner", now although i didnt know the true meaning of the word i did take a guess and my guess was that it was an old, old wooden ship used during the civil war era, however numorous sources have tried to tell me that it is some kind of resurection.













Comments (17)

paul bonnell said

at 9:49 pm on Oct 8, 2008

The opening quotation makes me want to read more. This is mystery along the lines of what Ken Kesey says about questions drawing us in and on.

Zach M said

at 10:01 pm on Oct 8, 2008

What is this book about?

Casey W said

at 7:56 pm on Oct 13, 2008

I love you Josie. I wish I had more classes with you, esp english. Thanks for being my buddy. Oh yeah i want to read the twilight books... can i borrow them when i do????? :)

Tana S said

at 8:02 pm on Oct 13, 2008

What can I say? Best books ever!!! I loved the twilight series and I definately recommend them. I hardly ever read and I read the entire series within two weeks. Awesome books! Can't wait for the movie to come out next month!

Andrea H said

at 8:29 am on Oct 14, 2008

i like apples

Emily P said

at 10:52 am on Oct 14, 2008

this cover has a really nice pair of hands

paul bonnell said

at 5:52 am on Oct 30, 2008

I appreciate how the vocabulary usage challenges the stereotypical notions about "popular" books. It's not just the diction (word choice), but the flow, the sprinkling of words into action and rhythm and the overall energy of a book that engages. What was it Virginia Woolf said--"Style is a very simple matter: it's all rhythm. Once you get that, you can't use the wrong words."?

paul bonnell said

at 10:43 pm on Dec 3, 2008

So, barring the "mature scenes" part of the Highlander book, are you glad you read it? Did it challenge your prejudices? Or can you go back to your mother and sister and tell them that you're still not a romance fan? What about romance novels makes you disgruntled?

Carey R said

at 9:36 am on Dec 4, 2008

this book looks good but i would rather watch the movie first

Dustin S said

at 9:39 am on Dec 4, 2008

The movie is stupid i watched it last weekend. they all had pale faces they looked like Zombies

Colton T said

at 9:41 am on Dec 4, 2008

to be or not to be

Hallie P said

at 3:40 pm on Dec 4, 2008

i would share Edward with you if i had the chance just to be next to him. lol i want to read the rest of the books sometimes so you should let me barrow them.

paul bonnell said

at 7:58 pm on Dec 7, 2008

Did you get the book to add some more quotations? I like your vocab choice: "lambaste," "phosphorescent," "staunchly," etc. So, did your horizons get expanded?

Katie P said

at 3:44 pm on Mar 3, 2009

when i saw that picture i was like wow josie lets just put a picture of yourself on your wiki and then after a second glance i realized that it was just a hairy monster

Katie P said

at 3:45 pm on Mar 3, 2009

from hallie not katie

mrkevind said

at 1:35 am on Mar 9, 2009

Hallie thats Zach!!

On a serious note. Grendel prob wouldn't show a hickey on his neck.

mrkevind said

at 1:42 am on Mar 9, 2009

Josie, I really appreciate your quote/ response format. Very visually appealing. I could not stop thinking about your last response. ...and that is when your perspective changes. Reminds me of Dead Poets Society :) Standing on the desk, walking how they want to walk, the absence of walking, acting etc. I find your responses very insightful, intelligent, thought provoking. I would like more of that in all aspects of this class, not just on the wiki. I would encourage you to define the vocab words ( Either in your own words, contextually, or straight from Websters) One of those words may be someones something from, " you learn something new everyday" Have you read Beowulf? Do you feel like Grendel slighted you in any way?

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